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5 Best (and Worst!) Things About Moving Back in with Your Parents


November 09, 2009

#2 Best: Roommates—Better the Devil You Know

We’ve all endured a horrible roommate experience at one point or another. Remember that uncomfortable feeling of not wanting to return to your dorm or apartment for fear of seeing your roommate who’s been hogging your food, trashing the place, or letting her terrifying drug-addict boyfriend all but move in? Not fun.

At least at home, you know what you’re getting yourself into. You’ve known these people your whole life. They may trash your bathroom and steal your clothes, but yelling at them is perfectly acceptable. Moving home is also a chance to reconnect with your family members as an adult.

You may be spending a little too much time with them right now, but when you do move out, you’ll be happy you had this quality time to ground yourself.

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