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5 Best (and Worst!) Things About Moving Back in with Your Parents


November 09, 2009

#5: Worst: Dating Might Be on Hold Until You Move Out

You can probably kiss your dating life goodbye. Despite having to report your whereabouts to your parents while trying to seduce someone (embarrassing!), quite honestly living at home is just not sexy. If you’re really unlucky, you might even have meddling parents or siblings who grab your phone and respond to all incoming text messages. I don’t know about you, but my overprotective brother and father seem hell-bent on keeping my romantic interests away. Sometimes I feel like I’m back in the Middle Ages—and it’s not picturesque.

Turned off by moving back home? It’s not ideal but it won’t be the worst thing that ever happened to you. And you will move out at some point. So take it for what it’s worth and enjoy the perks. Pretty soon, you’ll be out in the world on your own again, longing for the restful, rent-free days of yore.

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