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15 Companies Hiring Now


November 04, 2009


Cool Whip, DiGiorno, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Oscar Mayer, Maxwell House, Nabisco, Planters, Ritz, and over a hundred more

Kraft has approximately 103,000 employees worldwide and more than 180 manufacturing and processing facilities worldwide.

Industry: Food and Beverage

Corporate Offices: Global Corporate Headquarters in Northfield, Illinois

Other Major Office Branches: Glenview, Illinois; East Hanover, New Jersey; Madison, Wisconsin; Tarrytown, New York

How They’ve Handled the Recession: Kraft products are present in more than 99% of U.S. households, and even in a recession, that type of figure isn’t likely to change. More now than ever, people are turning to convenient and affordable groceries, over the previously fashionable organic and high-cost foods. The Business Mirror reports, “Sales of Kraft’s boxed mac-and-cheese rose to $193.1 million in the first quarter, 10 percent over the previous year, according to Information Resources Inc., a Chicago-based market-data company.” Economist also cite Kraft’s cutting of food costs, rather than increasing prices like their competitors, as driving more sales for the company.

Working at Kraft: Each location offers extensive convenience services, including fitness facilities, banking centers, on-site dining, on-site dry cleaning, some office locations even have car oil changing services. Also, all sites observe an “appropriate attire” policy, enabling employees to choose to wear traditional business attire or less formal alternatives.

Career Opportunities at Kraft