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Three Reasons Green Jobs Are Back

Three Reasons Green Jobs Are Back

October 21, 2009

1) Federal Stimulus injection of over $1bn.

This, coupled with private efforts like Khosla’s $1bn+ fund are stimulation innovation across the board.

2) Return to Corporate Values

Industry leaders agree that green is good: for brands, for economies of efficiency, and for shareholders. Jobs in the CSR and environmental fields are blossoming at every level and location across corporate America — and the rest of the world.

3) Labor Markets got Engaged

Best-in-breed corporate citizens realize that going “green” is more than just a marketing proposition. Employees are driving change from the inside of organizations, pushing out new products and services that maximize the value in building lasting brands that invested in environmental sustainability.

The Bottom Line: Green Jobs are back, and poised to explode in a big way.

We see this in San Francisco, where for the first time in nearly 9 months, we see multiple jobs posted, firms calling inbound, and the pace of placement picking up.

We hope you’ll join as we build this green movement, and help 2010 be the year of the environmental leader.

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