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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Holiday gift ideas which you can afford to give everyone on your office holiday list.

Elizabeth Hoyt

December 16, 2016

Need a secret Santa gift idea? Or, perhaps you just need ideas that are thoughtful and affordable – you don’t want to leave any coworkers out!

Gifts don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Show the people you see every day how much you care by remembering them this holiday season.

Check out some holiday gift ideas which you can afford to give everyone on your office holiday list:

1. Ornaments

Choose different ornaments with a playful nod to each coworker’s personality, initials or go with a traditional favorite, like this pickle ornament!

2. Holiday Crackers

Half the fun of a gift is opening it! Holiday crackers come in sets, which gives you plenty of bang for your buck and a little something for each person.

3. Mini Spirits

Everything is adorable when it’s mini: how about a mini bottle of champagne? You can even jazz it up for the holidays with this gold glitter mini champagne bottle DIY idea.

4. Spa Treats

Everyone loves a little pampering. Perhaps a Jingle bath bomb would help your coworkers get some much needed relaxation over the holidays.

5. Socks

Socks. Everyone wears them and they come in fun patterns and styles. It’s an affordable option you know anyone can use.

6. Candles

You can’t give the gift of peace, but you can gift the scent-iment (see what we did there?) with a peace candle.

7. Coffee Mugs

Whether your co-worker likes coffee, tea or hot cocoa, he or she will love using a mug with added office humor.

8. Fun Notepads

Put a spin on typical office supplies with a fun notepad, like this complaint pad.

9. Desk Plants

Green up your office by giving each of your coworkers a plant that’s easy to take care of, like a succulent or an air plant.

10. Hot Cocoa Mix Jars

Few things capture the holiday spirit as much as a warm mug of hot cocoa. Gift this seasonal treat with a homemade touch by creating a hot cocoa mix Mason jar.