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Shocking Student Debt Statistics

Shocking Student Debt Statistics

When it comes to paying for school, it’s no surprise that students are drowning in debt. That being said, these stats put the issue of student debt into focus and are truly jaw-dropping, to say the least!

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 13, 2016

Everyone wants a slice of the American Dream and, in this modern day, going to college is essential to success. Forget keeping up with the Jones’, these days Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the very student loans they took out to help ensure future success.

So, what happens when they very institution that’s supposed to safeguard your future now sabotages it with years’ worth of debt? Experts aren’t completely agreed upon in terms of how to go about solving the crisis but, judging by these numbers, we’d say the issue runs pretty deep.

$1.3 trillion:

The amount of outstanding student loan debt, which first exceeded $1 trillion in March 2012.

38 million:

The number of Americans who have student loan debt.


The ranking of student loan debt compared to other types of consumer debt, second only to mortgages.

$127 billion:

The Department of Education’s estimated profits generated from student borrowers over the next ten years.

Nearly 300 percent:

The amount student loan debt has grown over the past eight years.


The amount the average college graduate (of the class of 2011) owed in college loans.

40 percent:

The share of households headed by someone under 35 that owed college debt in 2010.

More than 80 percent:

The percentage of bankruptcy attorneys who reported that the number of their clients with student loan debt increased “significantly” or “somewhat” in a February 2012 survey.

Nearly 1 in 5:

The number of households that had student loan debt in 2010 – double the share of households burdened by college debt in 1989!

7 million:

The amount of borrowers that are currently in default.