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30 Last Minute & Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

30 Last Minute & Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You don't have to spend a lot of time or money on Mother's Day to have the perfect gift.

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 01, 2015

You’re on a strict budget and mom loves you, just as you are!

The timing couldn’t be any worse but, nonetheless, you still want to show her how much you really care this Mother’s Day. After all, she deserves it.

FREE Mother’s Day Gifts

1. A framed photo of a happy memory from childhood or of you and mom together. FREE, unless you need to purchase a frame. In which case, we suggest the dollar store because they always have simple frames available for just $1.

2. One of these famous Mother’s Day poems, framed. FREE, unless you need to purchase a frame. In which case, we suggest the dollar store (they always have a ton for, you guessed it a dollar!

3. Offer to help her with difficult chores such as…
—spring cleaning
—cleaning out the garage
—cleaning out the attic
—washing the windows

P.S. This gift is FREE for you to give!

4. Your Amazon Prime, Netflix, or HBO GO account password. It’s FREE for you since you’re already paying for your subscription anyway and you’re usually allowed to add someone to your account. So, why not let mom enjoy it? Bonus points if you set it up for her, too!

Note: It’s important to sure you set up her own username and password so that she’s not accessing your account and accidentally shipping things to your place on your dime!

5. Print this ready-made coupon book or this coupon book, FREE where you can fill in the coupons with your own ideas.

6. Let her know you’ll be making her breakfast in bed, getting her room service request and order with this clever Mother’s Day door hanger, FREE.

7. Tell mom what you love about her in a creative way. How about a 10 Things I Love about Mom Mini Book, FREE.

8. You can personalize this cute album for mom, FREE.

9. If you’re over the age of 21 and mom is a fan of wine, you can download this Mother’s Day wine label, for FREE and attach it to mom’s favorite bottle.

10. Mom is sure to love this Mother’s Day mini album, FREE.

$25 & Under Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You’ll need a few days’ notice for the gifts below but, when applicable, we’ve utilized Amazon for their amazingly quick shipping abilities – not to mention free if you’re an Amazon Prime member!

11. An “I Love You to the Moon and Back” bookmark, around $16, is both practical and sentimental – what more could mom want?

12. If mom’s got a sweet tooth, treat her to one of Sugafina’s sweet treats like this Sugar Mama Giftset, $25.

You could also go for one of their tasting boxes like the Sugarfina Faves Tasting Box, $25, or the Kid at Heart Tasting Box, $25.

They come in delectable packaging which mom is such to find delicious on the outside, too!

13. If mom has a green thumb, why not give her something she can use to enjoy her gardening hobby? Seed bombs are unique and come in fun and unique sets.

For example, this ultra-cute sweet sentiments seed bomb kit, $22, even comes with a Mother’s Day theme!

Perhaps mom’s more into her herb garden. There’s a kit for that – try this exotic herb seed bomb set, $7, or, for the health-conscious mom, these salad greens seed bombs, $7.

If mom’s into gardening and the family pets, you’re sure to impress her with this pet-friendly green gift! Try dog and cat-friendly seed bombs, $7.

14. Mom will be proud serving her famous dishes at dinner parties when you give her a “Home is Where Your Mom Is” serving spoon, $25.

15. Mom deserves a little pampering! This charming shea butter set is sure to delight! This particular set is only sold online, but plenty of other combinations mom will love are sold in stores. Plus, L’OCCITANE is available at many duty-free shops (if you’re traveling), Sephora stores nationwide and, of course, at L’OCCITANE stores, which are located at many malls nationwide. At $23, what a steal!

16. As long as you know mom enjoys cooking (and won’t be offended) a fun apron is a great gift. Try Jessie Steele aprons, which start around $22.

17. A magazine subscription – they are usually under $20, you can order them online and pick up a hard copy of the latest issue at your local convenience store or gas station to give to mom on Mother’s Day. It’s a gift that mom is sure to appreciate all year long!

Here are suggestions of magazines moms love:

—If she’s an organizer, try Real Simple.

—If she loves to bake, garden and DIY, try Martha Stewart Living.

—If she loves reality shows, The Real Housewives and celebrity gossip, try Us Weekly.

—If she loves keeping up with current events, try Time Magazine.

—If she loves to cook healthy meals, try Cooking Light.

Check out the Mother’s Day sale at

18. Stop in at the local bookshop and pick up mom’s favorite classic book, perhaps even one from her childhood or teenage years.

Alternatively, you could choose the book version of her favorite film? After all, they do say the book is always better!

Choose the hardcover edition and be sure to include a heartfelt message written on the inside cover. Combine this with number ten and you’re sure to hit it out of the park.

Not sure what mom’s favorite book is? Here are some suggestions of classics that are sure to never fail:

Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell

Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Wuthering Heights, by Jane Austen

Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

19. A Mother’s Day themed book is always a great idea, also. There are several routes you can take here, depending on what you think mom would enjoy more.

Our number one pick? Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me, by Maya Angelou, where the one of the most infamous female poets of modern day shares poems about motherhood.

You can go with a more serious toned books such as Mom & Me & Mom, by Maya Angelou, where the legendary author shares a very personal story: the story of her relationship with her own mother.

This book, A Letter to My Mom, shares letters of gratitude to moms from celebrities and regular folks who say what you, perhaps, can’t find the words to say. It’s a great coffee table book, too.

For a more humorous approach, here’s another book suggestion. What started out as posting a few photos of his son online, mid-tantrum for a variety of ridiculous reasons that all parents can relate to such as, “the neighbor’s dog isn’t outside” or “I let him play on the grass,” parents everywhere started to relate – and contribute. Parents of all ages will appreciate this hilarious book, Reasons My Kid is Crying, by Greg Pembroke, whether they have toddlers now or have had toddlers in the past.

20. If mom already has everything, including a heart of gold, why not donate to an amazing cause?

We suggest:

—If mom’s an animal lover, make an honor gift in her name to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). You can enter your own dollar amount to donate an amount you’re comfortable with.

UNICEF (United Nation’s Children’s Fund) works to improve the lives of children globally. You can donate in mom’s honor – check out UNICEF’s Favorites under $25.

—Clearly, mom loves children. After all, she had YOU! Gift the gift of feeding a child that’s hungry, $25, through MercyCorps.

21. Known as one of the best smelling candles out there (it’s one of Anthropologie’s best sellers) Aspen Bay’s Capri Blue Volcano Candle, around $26, is sure to please any lovely lady. Plus, it comes in a beautiful jar that’s worthy of display.

22. For mom (or any of the women in your life, really) try Starbucks Create-Your-Own Mug, around $15. You’ll be able to find a Starbucks on pretty much any street corner nowadays and you only need an hour and 20 minutes to finish the entire project!

If you only have about ten minutes, try Starbucks Stainless Steel Create-Your-Own-Tumbler, around $19, instead.

23. Give the gift of glam with one of Sephora’s gift sets:

Clean Rollerball Travel Collection, $18

Tocca Beauty Girls on the Go perfume gift set, $15

There’s a Sephora at most malls nationwide, so there’s easy access for these gifts, too.

24. Who wouldn’t appreciate a fancy hand cream? Made by Lollia, these hand creams come in a variety of delicious scents and are available online at Amazon, starting at around $19, and at Anthropologie stores, $24, nationwide. They also come in mini sizes, $8, too!

25. If mom loves tea, buy her favorite and customize it with these printable Mother’s Day tea tags to make her feel extra warm and cozy.

26. Frame and print either one (or the set) of these inspirational word art illustrations featuring “beauty” and “mother.” If you are short on cash, try frames from local flea markets or garage sales, which can even add to the vintage look and feel!

27. If you’re crafty (and can sew in a straight line – or you know someone that can help) try this 10 minute dishtowel apron. Mom will appreciate that you put in the effort to make something for her and, with so many cute, not to mention, inexpensive dishtowels out there, it’s a great budget gift!

28. Fill out this “What I Love About Mom By Me” Book, $10, and mom is sure to be touched over and over again with an entire booklet of your compliments.

A Little Splurge for Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas Under $50

29. Is mom always curious about those terrariums she keeps seeing everywhere? Give her a terrarium kit, $38, so she can make one of her very own (and then show her how to create a pin on Pinterest). Free Shipping with the code Momsday on this gift!

30. Is mom crafty and looking for a new hobby? Give her a complete DIY Knit Kit, $32, so she can make her very own scarf by winter!

Bonus Gift Ideas!

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is about all of the important women in your life! Remember, plenty of the gifts above, suggested for moms, could also apply to aunts (related or honorary), grandmothers and other important women in your life.

Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas specifically tailored to grandmas, aunts (or other lovely ladies):

5 Gifts For Grandmas

1. This book: “Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother”, around $13. The title alone will make her day!

2. For the coffee and tea drinking grandmothers, try a fun mug, around $12.

3. Grandma will surely treasure a piece of sentimental jewelry, especially if it’s from you! This hammered necklace will remind her of your love all year long.

4. Grandma will is sure to smile and think of you each time she uses this unique lace jewelry bowl, $33, to take her jewelry on and off for years to come.

5. If grandma’s a gardener, she’ll likely love receiving this garden marker, $8.

Pair with mom’s suggestion number 13 (which could easily be for grandmothers or aunts, too, and you’re sure to have a wonderful gift set!

5 Amazing Ideas for Aunties

1. Your aunt will cherish a carved wood jewelry box, from $14, even if you didn’t carve it yourself.

2. Any aunt will appreciate the sentiment of a monogrammed garland ring dish, showing her just how much she means to you! At only $10, who can resist?

3. Keep it simple – frame your favorite childhood photo of you and your aunt together. She’s sure to treasure this memory and the effort you put into framing the photo so she can have it as a keepsake.

4. Give the gift of R&R (that’s rest and relaxation) with these teabag tub soaks, $21, showing her you know she deserves some soak time.

5. If you’re short on cash, purchase a frame at a local garage sale or flea market and print this inspirational “beauty” word art. It will still look great and she’s sure to love it!

Note: “Around” means that prices have been rounded to nearest dollar amount and do not reflect any shipping and handling charges that may apply.