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Top 10 Fall College Campuses

Top 10 Fall College Campuses

Take a road trip to visit these beautiful campuses if you get a chance!

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 14, 2014

There’s a saying that if you visit a campus in the fall, you’re sure to “fall for it.”

These campuses are no exception – with postcard-worthy views, historical sites and grounds to explore they are definitely worth a trip.

Get in the mood for fall by visiting one of the following gorgeous college campuses this year!

10. Ohio University—Athens, Ohio

Second best to the Northeast during the fall season is the Midwest. Ohio University, located in Athens, is well known for the fall foliage that adorns the North, East, South and West Greens of the campus. Over 21,000 students attend the Athens campus alone, with five regional campuses and online programs bringing the total student population to over 35,000.

Students aren’t just charmed by the rich autumnal hues of the college campus but in the quaint town of Athens as well.

9. United States Air Force Academy—USAFA, CO

One of the most selective universities in the country, for obvious reasons, the Air Force Academy rests in the mountains north of Colorado Springs. It’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it particularly beautiful in the fall months.

However, at times, more striking than the landscape is the architecture that dots the campus. Almost abandoned because of its controversial design, the Chapel on the Academy campus has the uncanny ability to steal the limelight from the surrounding mountains.

8. Stanford University—Stanford, CA

California may not be known for its falling leaves; but Stanford University is touted as one of the nation’s most stunning colleges, making it a must-see regardless of the season. The university attracts over 7,000 undergraduate students, a majority of whom are from outside of California. At Stanford, there is no “coming in from the cold.”

Students enjoy year-round mild weather, making it the perfect college campus for the student who prefers shady palm trees to falling leaves.

7. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI

At University of Michigan, it’s not fall without football. While the campus itself is one of the most architecturally and naturally diverse, the hype during the fall surrounds “The Big House.” Michigan’s stadium can seat up to 109,901 screaming fans, making it the largest football stadium in the world. Every home game, Wolverines and other spectators fill the stadium, which also makes a pretty penny with ticket prices starting at $60.

6. University of Washington—Seattle, WA

Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, the University of Washington is breathtaking regardless of the season. In spring, the campus is known for its blushing cherry blossom trees, turning the campus into a pink wonderland.

However, the fall season is an especially exciting time of year, not just because of the changing leaves. The University of Washington is one of only two universities that take tailgating to another level. Students get pumped for the game in boats on the waters of Puget Sound, creating a floating community of die-hard fans. It’s a fall tradition that shouldn’t be missed!

5. Kenyon College—Gambier, OH

Kenyon College may be one of the lesser known schools on the list; but what it lacks in popularity, it makes up for in beauty. The school, comprised of under 2,000 students is located in Gambier, Ohio—just 45 miles from Columbus. Students are able to peruse the 1,000 acre campus, which includes a 380-acre nature preserve that rivals the deep, rich tones of the Northeast in the fall season. Within the nature preserve, students can experience the great outdoors through bird watching, garden walks and flora and fauna exploration.

4. Tulane University of Louisiana—New Orleans, LA

Despite suffering over $200 million in damages after Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University shines as one of the most gorgeous fall campuses in the country. Founded in 1834, the campus structures and layout borrow from the surrounding New Orleans historical district on Saint Charles Avenue. Across from the school is the majestic 400-acre Audubon Park. At the park, students can take advantage of tennis courts, bike and running paths, horse stables, golf courses and a zoo. This location makes fall at Tulane University almost as colorful as the Mardi Gras celebrations in February.

3. Harvard University—Cambridge, MA

Like any list of “best colleges,” Harvard is on this one too. In the States, no region is better known for fall than the Northeast, and with Harvard’s already stunning campus, it’s a shoo in for our top ten fall campuses.

Just over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students sprawl the 5,083 acres in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just 12 minutes from Boston. Nestled against the Charles River, the campus boasts tree-lined squares and grassy banks, a charming New England oasis from the urban pace of Boston.

2. Sewanee: The University of the South—Sewanee, TN

Located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, Sewanee: The University of the South is highly acclaimed as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. There are roughly 1,500 students that comprise the student body from 43 states and the District of Columbia, with international students from 23 different countries. Founded in 1857, the actual construction of the university was delayed because of the Civil War.

However, the university opened its doors in 1868 and since then, has developed a Gothic architectural landscape reminiscent of Oxford and Cambridge that rivals that natural surroundings. Students at Sewanee are able to take advantage of 13,000 acres owned by the university called “The Domain,” where they are able to partake in activities like running, horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking over 50 miles of trails.

1. University of Virginia—Charlottesville, VA

Between the dazzling landscape and equally breathtaking Jeffersonian architecture, it’s no wonder the University of Virginia ranks first on our list.

The orange, red, and yellow hues of fall give the campus a magical feel. Established in 1819, the university was actually founded and designed by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson.

In fact, it’s so unique that UNESCO has classified the University and adjacent Jefferson residency, Monticello, one of only three World Heritage Sites in the United States.

Over 20,000 students take in the bliss of autumn on Jefferson’s old stomping grounds each year, each of whom have been accepted “because they show the exceptional promise Jefferson envisioned.”