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What to Ask Before Taking the Job

What to Ask Before Taking the Job

Ask all the pertinent questions before you accept any job offer!

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 07, 2017

The long search finally comes to fruition – you’ve got a job offer at last!

But, before you accept the job, there are some critical questions you should get the answers to.

Ask the following questions before signing on the dotted line:

What’s my job title and description?

Knowing your job title and description will give you a better sense of what you’re working to accomplish each day.

While tasks may be necessary that fall outside of your job description, it’s a pretty surefire way to evaluate whether it’s a job you’ll be successful at and whether or not it’s a job you’ll enjoy.

What is expected of me on a daily basis?

Your job description may say one thing but the reality of your day-to-day may differ. Make sure you know what the job will entail by asking what a day on the job is expected to look like.

Go into the job knowing what tasks will be expected of you each day so that you’re prepared to fulfill them and to make sure it’s really the job you signed up for.

Is there room for advancement within the company?

It’s important to know if there’s opportunity for promotion or growth within a company, otherwise working there may be a waste of your time.

You’ll have to evaluate whether or not the experience is worth the dead end – it still may be a good springboard for your next job opportunity.

Is the salary negotiable?

Only ask this once you actually have the job offer! Assuming you’ve been given an offer, it never hurts to ask.

Remember, it’s a lot easier to negotiate salary before starting than to wait and negotiate later. It’s difficult – if not impossible – to go back and negotiate once you’ve already accepted the offer.

You’re likely to be able to acquire raises, which may not be as significant as starting out at a higher salary point.

While some companies are willing to negotiate, others have salaries set in stone, so be sure to take cues from your hiring manager.

When negotiating, make sure you have reasonable expectations so that you don’t turn your employer off to any negotiations whatsoever.

What are the hours like?

While some companies operate on a 9-to-5 basis, some may differ. Additionally, some may expect that, even though 9-to-5 is stated, you work much longer hours.

Inquire about the expectations before deciding to take the job. If the hours seem unfair or too long, it may be an opportunity you should pass on.

May I get the offer in writing?

Always, always get your job offer in writing. You should keep that document for reference, just in case.

This is to ensure that, if you decide to take the job, you’ll have everything you need in writing should any issues arise regarding job description, salary or benefits.

May I have a copy of the offered benefits package?

Similar to getting the offer in writing, you should also have a copy of the company’s benefits package. This is also useful for your personal reference in case any issues – medical or otherwise, arise.

You should know what benefits you’re entitled to as well as your benefit enrollment options.