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10 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks

10 Healthy Budget-Friendly Snacks

These snacks are accessible and affordable on any budget!

Elizabeth Hoyt

September 27, 2013

Just because you have limited funds, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your health.

Keep in mind that portion control is important (too much of a good thing is possible). These snacks are great on-the-go and those on a budget.

Stock up on these affordable healthy goodies so that the next time you’re in a time-crunch, you don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience.

Here are snacks and foods that you can afford on any budget.

1. Apples

Depending on the apple type (Granny Smith and Red Delicious are the cheapest), you can purchase them for around a dollar a pound for even the most designer of apple breeds.

2. Bananas

Bananas are a great bang for your buck, perfect for on-the-go and are full of vitamins, potassium and fiber. Coming in at only 100 calories for an average sized banana? Yes, please!

3. Carrots
Carrots are easy, cheap and packed with nutrition like protein, natural carbohydrates, fiber, calcium and potassium. It’s probably more cost effective to buy full-sized packages (even of baby carrots), which are usually around $2 for a 16 oz bag. But, they also come in cute on-the-go packages that are around 35 calories each, so there’s really no excuse not to much on these nutritious little veggies. A mini pack on the go is perfect for snacking between classes!

4. Oranges

Other than the obvious vitamin C benefit, you’ll get potassium, calcium, healthy carbs and more vitamins. They are high in sugar, but it’s not as bad as, say, a candy bar. You can get an entire bag of oranges for the same price as an unhealthy bag of chips, so make the smart decision and purchase a bag next time you’re looking for a sweet treat.

5. Peanuts

Peanuts are actually a legume, not a nut. They’re cheap and chock-full of protein. They’re high in the good kinds of fats and can keep you full longer than snacks made with artificial preservatives. If consumed in 2-ounce portions, peanuts are around 300 calories but they’re a good alternative if you’re craving a salty snack.

6. Peanut Butter

Flash back to elementary school and make yourself some snacks involving peanut butter. Peanut butter and celery, peanut butter on rice cakes – the options are endless, nutritious and a great purchase for your budget at only around $3 for an entire jar.

7. String Cheese

Ah, the power of cheese. Easily transportable and, as a combo of sugar and salt, it can curb your sweet or salty cravings. One stick is only around 80 calories, full of protein and calcium. A pack is only around $2 so, when you’re looking for an easy, cheap snack, say cheese!

8. Hummus

Protein-rich hummus is good on pretty much anything – especially when you’re trying to spice up some veggies. If you go for the generic brand, it’s only around $4. Even better, make your own for under $2!

9. Trail Mix

This is a tricky one because some unhealthy snacks are disguised as trail mix. It’s probably best to make your own or find a healthy version with nuts and dried fruits. Portion control is also vital to make sure you’re not consuming a ton of trans-fats.

10. Whole Wheat Crackers or Pretzels

Pair either with hummus or peanut butter and you’re good to go! Whole wheat is key here because then you’re consuming grains you lose in white crackers or regular-variety pretzels.

Do you have any other healthy, budget-friendly snack suggestions?