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The Five People You Meet in College

The Five People You Meet in College

There are five people in college that you're practically guaranteed to meet.

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 27, 2013

2. Your RA

Your RA may be corny or cheesy with his or her safety talks of rules and regulations but, when it comes down to it, they are there to help you out with anything you may need during your transition into independence.

Essentially, he or she is there to make sure you stay safe and don’t burn down the residence hall but, if given the chance, can become so much more of a resource.

Take the time to get to know your RA on a personal level because it’s great to have an upperclassman on your side who’s been there, done that.

My friend and her RA ended up becoming good friends. Later in college, they began dating. Just saying.

3. Your Roommate

Whether you love or hate it, you’re going to be living in very (emphasis on very) close proximity for a year with another human being. So make the best of it by making friends.

No, you don’t have to be best friends, but being civil, considerate and cordial will make life more pleasant for everyone involved.

Getting along with your roommate will also open your network of friends and give you someone to hang with until you build up your own group of friends.

Who actually wants to sit in the cafeteria alone every day? Not many people. Your roommate will probably be in the same boat, so try to work it out.

My shyest friend roomed blind and, to this day, says it’s the best thing she ever decided to do. She and her roommate became and stayed friends through college. Her “blind” roomie ended up being a bridesmaid at her wedding.

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