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The Five People You Meet in College

The Five People You Meet in College

There are five people in college that you're practically guaranteed to meet.

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 27, 2013

College is full of new experiences and life lessons, many of which are dictated by the people you encounter along the way.

Though you’ll obviously meet more than five people, including your fair share of both friends and foes, there are some you’re almost guaranteed to meet. They will span in age, gender, personality and you’ll encounter them within different time periods during your college career.

The one thing they have in common? They’ll become significant in some way within your life, even if for just a moment.

Check out the following five people you’re sure to meet while in college.

1. Your Orientation Buddy

You’ll recognize your orientation buddy by his or her approachable body language and easy-enough-to-get-along-with demeanor.

They’ll save you from having to walk solo during tours or eat alone at meal time and, if you’re lucky, will make you laugh during the boring in-between waiting periods that college orientations are filled with.

Likely, you won’t end up being best friends but, hey, you’ll get through orientation together and that’s a bonding experience like no other.

After losing touch, my sister and her orientation buddy ran into each other three years later. They recognized each other immediately and laughed about their experiences together. They’ve stayed in touch and have been close friends ever since.

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