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Clever Ways to Answer Pesky Questions About Post-Grad Plans

Clever Ways to Answer Pesky Questions About Post-Grad Plans

Combat the dreaded question with these comebacks.

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 25, 2013

Perhaps one of the worst questions a student can be asked is, “What are you doing after graduation?” It’s dreaded – perhaps the equivalent to the single adult’s, “Are you dating anyone yet?”

Questions like these almost never have the answer you wish you could give and, therefore, shoot at you like arrows you wish you could avoid.

But, what if you were prepared for the dreaded post-grad inquiry? Then you could fight off the nosy crowds in one swift swoop!

Next time Gladys Kravitz is lurking at your door wanting to know the plans for your future, try one of these scenarios on for size.

Sarcastic and Silly Ways to Answer
“What are you doing after graduation?”

1. Change the subject. Look, a bird!

2. Tell the person you’ve always been interested in running for office and to keep an eye out for your name on an upcoming local election ballot.

3. In a solemn voice, tell the person you are against hunger and plan to end it.

4. Faint.

5. Say you’re toying with the idea of furthering your education.

6. Tell the person you’re going to try your hand at writing for awhile (You practically text all day anyway, right?)

7. Say you’re going into “Career Research Services.” Just forget to mention that the only client you’re researching a career for is yourself.

8. Let them know you’re going into “Food Industry Management.” Nobody needs to know that means you’re on the day shift at Ruby Tuesday – not that that’s anything to be ashamed of in the first place.

9. Share that you’re considering traveling the world until your funds run out. Who knows? They may even decide to donate to the cause!

10. You’re working with underprivileged children. (Those kids you babysit only have one iPad, right?)

If none of these work and, if all else fails, the truth works just as well. Especially because there’s nothing to be ashamed of – you will end up where you need to be exactly when you need to be there.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    Nice answers.
    Team S plush H

  • Linkedinphoto_max50


    almost 4 years ago


    I think this is aimed at answering questions from friends and family members. However, even for that it's not very useful.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 4 years ago


    Is this a joke??? LOL I was expecting something decent and clever to say, but this all seems cheesy and will most likely get you excused from the interview because they will most likely see you as not taking the opportunity serious enough. Especially a career where you need to be seen as professional, I'm not saying you can't throw in a joke every now and then but when they ask you a question your main focus should be getting the question answered to your best ability don't overdo humor and Sarcasm should be left to a VERY minimum. Even if you are that kind of person wait until after you get hired you don't want to seem like you're superior to your potential future boss... even if you are.