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Jobs for the Jobless

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 28, 2013

If you find yourself unemployed, don’t fret. You’ve got tons of potential, you just need to utilize it! Plus, there are plenty of easy, money-making opportunities out there to fill the void during your job-search.

Check out these easy, money-making opportunities you can utilize in order to keep your bank account full while on the prowl for a full-time position in your field.

Get ready to wear a lot of different hats because it’s going to be a very interesting ride!

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    over 1 year ago


    Dear Elizabeth,
    I am a freshman at Middlesex Community College and i have not choosen a major yet as i am undecided, but am thinking about Human Resources and Public Relations and would like to get a partime job that will enable and also guide me to find out what these careers entails .

    Thank you very much,
    Chelsea Auguste

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