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The List is Out: Top 10 Party Schools of 2013

The List is Out: Top 10 Party Schools of 2013

Fastweb counts down the Princeton Review's top 10 party schools.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 30, 2012

1. West Virginia University – Morgantown, WV

Drumroll, please! The #1 party school this year is West Virginia University, which actually held the #6 spot on last year’s list. In addition to holding the top party school title, WVU is also considered a Best Southeastern College by the Princeton Review.

WVU made a number of other lists as well. It stands at #15 for Best College Library, #8 on “Students Pack the Stadiums” and #3 for Best Athletic Facilities. But to go along with its top party school title, the school also claimed the #3 spot on Princeon Review’s “Students Study the Least” ranking.

Roughly 29,000 students call West Virginia University home, which has an 80% retention rate.

NOTE: Princeton Review Rankings should be reviewed with a grain of salt. The Princeton Review surveys students and their answers determine how the school ranks. According to the Princeton Review, “each college is given a score (similar to a GPA) for its students’ answers to each multiple-choice question. These scores enable us to compare student opinion from college to college. They are the sole factors that determine which schools make it onto our 62 ranking lists.” There is no input from collegiate administrators or professors so these assessments only reflect the student body perspective of each school. With that, they also don’t reflect the opinions of the entire student body. Only around 122,000 students at 377 top colleges were surveyed this year.

Does the top party schools list make any difference to you? Which schools aren’t on here that you think should be?