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The Worker's Guide to Making the Most of Summer

The Worker's Guide to Making the Most of Summer

By Lauren Bayne Anderson

June 16, 2011

If you’re working this summer – a full time gig or an internship – chances are you’re longing for the days when you could sit in the park, go to the beach, enjoy a leisurely afternoon at Starbucks, or do the many other things people who don’t have to get back to work can enjoy.

And beautiful weather makes it all the tougher.

You may find yourself gazing longingly out the window closest to your cubicle, wishing you were outside, and wondering how all the people walking around down there are lucky enough to not be sitting at a desk right now. Sigh…

While we can’t get you the summer off, we can offer up some tips to enjoy the summer, even around your work schedule.

  • Have lunch outside Instead of sitting in the office kitchen or chowing down at your desk, take your lunch outside. When you’re stuck in the office for the rest of the day, you’ll at least feel like you got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather. Same goes for breaks!
  • Schedule weekend trips You may not be able to take a long summer vacation, but you’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel after coming back from a short weekend excursion. Go camping, drive to the beach or a lake, go hiking, tubing, rafting, fishing, walk around a small town known for it’s great antiques and beautiful scenery. You get the picture. You don’t need to go far to “get away”. Best part? You can do it every five days!
  • Take advantage of the late sunsets Summer has yet another perk for the person stuck in the office from 9-5: the sun doesn’t set until later. If the sun sets at 8:30 and you get out of work at 5, that’s still three and a half hours you have to enjoy the weather. Even better, most of your favorite TV shows are probably on summer hiatus anyway. So… take advantage. Go to the park, walk on the beach, take in a movie at the park.
  • BBQ for dinner In our society of on-demand everything, barbecuing is still one of those things that you only get once a year. Barbecuing for dinner, even after a long day at work, just makes you FEEL like you’re relaxing and taking it all in. Bring left vers for lunch the next day and savor the flavor of the season.

What are your tips for making the most of the summer?
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