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How to Stay Safe on a College Campus

How to Stay Safe on a College Campus

Drugs like Rohypnol and GHB, which can be slipped into beverages, are odorless and tasteless

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review via Yellowbrix

August 31, 2009

College has more tests than the ones in class.

In “Protect Yourself at College: Smart Choices-Safe Results” (Capital Books, $15.95), Thomas M. Kane of Monroeville offers advice on ways college students can ensure their safety on campus. The member of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities often is called on by members of the media and schools to offer his thoughts on those matters.

This book covers topics such as dorm safety, binge drinking, date rape and managing personal finances. It is full of checklists, trying to make the hints easy to handle. Some examples:

—Dorm life: That home away from home provides nearly endless companionship and social possibilities but also can be filled with danger. For instance, when you are moving in, don’t leave you goods unprotected. Record all your valuable items. Never give your key to anyone. Don’t ignore any kind of fire or safety alarm.

—Campus safety: Although campus life is not as risky as life in an unprotected neighborhood, it has its risks. You should know the phone number of the campus police. Stay aware always, and never use an iPod or MP3 player while walking around at night. Let your roommates or friends know your schedule. If a car stops and asks for directions, stay away from the vehicle and the people in it.