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25 Gifts Under $25 for Your Coworkers

25 Gifts Under $25 for Your Coworkers

Steve Berman | Excelle

December 10, 2010

The holidays, when the weather gets cold, the malls get crowded, and you spend time with your family, friends and … coworkers?

It’s true, even though you have a whole lot of shopping ahead of you for your loved ones, gift-giving around the office is as popular as ever these days. When you take into account holiday parties and the whole Secret Santa phenomenon, there’s a good chance you will need to buy at least one gift for a coworker this season.

However, you need to navigate a potential minefield when shopping, making sure the gift isn’t too offensive or expensive. Have no fear, we’re here to give you a little holiday cheer – 25 gifts under $25!

1. Movie Tickets: Every major theater sells gift certificates, so just purchase a pair of tickets and you have a perfect gift.

2. Box of candy: Even if the person who gets this gift doesn’t like candy, they can leave it out for everyone in the office to take a piece. Just don’t take any yourself unless offered – eating your own gift is bad form.

3. The Office: Season One (DVD): Especially if you work in an office yourself, the Emmy-award winning show is a perfect gift.

4. Office Space (DVD): Just like the previous gift, this movie perfectly captures the drudgery of working 9-to-5 in a cubicle, except it’s a lot funnier.

5. Swingline Collectors Edition Red Stapler: For huge fans of Office Space, the kind of fans who know that this stapler didn’t even exist until Mike Judge’s movie made it famous.

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