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Help! I Can’t Land an Interview

Help! I Can’t Land an Interview


October 14, 2010

Where Are You Job Searching?

Job boards work. I have seen it work first-hand. However, are you limiting your job search to just online job boards? Please don’t. You must launch an integrated job search campaign that leverages online job boards, social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, networking in person, and prospecting offline.

How do you tap into the hidden job market? You uncover it by performing research on the companies in your area and industry of choice. What do they sell? Who are their clients? What is their mission? Where is their Human Resource department? Could they use someone like you? Then channel some courage and call on them, e-mail them your resume, or approach someone in the company via LinkedIn. Whatever you can do to tastefully gain a contact in the company– do it!

Are Your Expectations Too High?

I am a believer in we all deserve the best and the job of our dreams—absolutely. But, does it have to be at this very moment? Being the economy is where it is and the job situation is not ideal–why not accept employment that may pay you less than you expected but perhaps the possibility for growth is immense? How about employment in which the benefits package is more attractive than the annual salary? Remember it is all temporary. This of course is ideal advice if you are in real need of immediate income.

Tell Your Friends and Family Members

I have helped clients who have not told their close friends and relatives they are out of work. Why? This is no time to “keep up with the Joneses” or to nurture your pride. There is no shame in needing a job. You will never know who can step up and assist you. You don’t have to give others a sob story; simply mailing your resume and job target with an upbeat message can help you communicate your need without worrying everyone around you. It is all in the presentation.

Last, remember to revisit your online profiles/resumes as most candidate searches are performed based on activity in the last 30 days. And, keep in touch with your references and network connections. (Out of sight, out of mind.)