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Help! I Can’t Land an Interview

Help! I Can’t Land an Interview


October 14, 2010

The bills are piling up. It has been months since you lost your job. You are becoming extremely concerned. You feel as if you have done everything you can to secure a new job opportunity but nothing has become fruitful– not even a job interview.

If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. I sympathize and many, unfortunately, are in your situation. Ironically, although the job market is challenged, usually there are blocks in a job search. Let’s discuss possible obstacles that could be wedging themselves in-between you and your new job.

Your Resume Does Not Outdistance Others

Contrary to what you have been taught and what you have been practicing in the craftsmanship of your resume—a resume is not the place to dump your entire career life. Because it IS a marketing tool, it must be visually enticing, and the content so compelling it ignites action and quickly.

How? In order for YOU to create the need for an employer to call you and not others, there has to be something about your resume that captures interest over the rest and infuses the reader with the desire to know more about you (hence, creating the need to call you). This is key as many job seekers write their resume by including ALL their information and then think, “hey, this is a pretty decent resume.”

My questions to you: Does your resume promise results and offer differentiating value over others who are also qualified? And does it convey this in the most interesting, unique, and succinct manner possible? What is in your marketing dossier that has revealed a gem, and added value, a ’je ne sais quoi’ no one else has listed? Or in a manner no one else has told it?

Think about this: How is your employer to choose you if you sound just like the other thousands of applicants who have a pretty decent resume too? Luck?

The Jobs Are Wrong for You

Part of  a successful job search is perusing job ads and identifying which you are an ideal match for — Not, “I could do this.” That is not enough. Remember, there are many people unemployed now. Why would an employer settle for less? You must be the ideal candidate. Take the time to study the job ads, review the requirements, match their needs with your skill set, and launch a strategic job search. Ultimately, you will feel more optimistic. It it is very difficult to remain upbeat when you have distributed hundreds of resumes and no one has called. Diminish the number of resume submissions; instead, target quality and perfect-for-you job leads in order to optimize the responses to your candidacy.