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The TRUTH About Not Qualifying for a Job

The TRUTH About Not Qualifying for a Job


October 12, 2010

If you don’t have these relationships, what can you do to form them?

Second, let me introduce you to Mr. You. Mr. You is an expert in your field. You take your assets, 10 years in operations and MBA, and apply that to health care. You begin to write articles sharing how you think health care operations could improve.

You begin to comment on NY-Times articles that have it all wrong.

You blog.

You have something to say, and you say it to the right people.

By leveraging LinkedIn and other social media tools you slowly become an “obvious expert.” Soon, you’ll find people beginning to ask you for advice.

And these people will remember your name when a job opening comes up. And THEY want YOU, not the other way around.

Jump-start Your Online Reputation

I strongly urge you to have your online reputation professionally audited. You will find you will be able to generate new and powerful relationships through online referrals. And pretty soon, the question of how many years P&L experience you have will become irrelevant.