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The TRUTH About Not Qualifying for a Job

The TRUTH About Not Qualifying for a Job


October 12, 2010

Commodity trading is an economic indicator because it has NO surprises. “I can trade candidate 1 with candidate 2 because this one has one more year of education than the other,” is a common thinking pattern for hiring managers. Plugging into this mindset is the surest way to the middle of the resume pile. At the very least, it get’s you a 30 second glance at your resume.

At the very best, it get’s you an occasional interview.

The Cult of Personality

In contrast, let’s look at why hiring managers make the decisions they make. Accept the fact no matter how professional we pretend to be, we are all humans. And humans make emotional decisions.

Repeat, EVERY decision anyone makes is emotional.

We aren’t looked over because we are not qualified (within reason of course), we are looked over because we have failed to make an emotional connection with another human.

When we look at our career from the standpoint of relationships, we move ourselves from “commodity” to “personality.”

The question become less about “can you do the job” and more about “who are you, as a person” and what value can you bring to the table.

Now, with this framework, let’s look at your question one more time. I believe you may be limiting your options by only giving yourself two options, education/experience.

Let’s introduce a third and fourth and see what new possibilities that opens up for you.

First, let me introduce the dimension of relationship. Who do you know in the health care industry? Do your contacts, having known you for you, agree with that written requirement to have 1-2 years in accounting/finance/P&L? Do they see the value you can bring by having 10 years experience in operations?