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Monster Success Stories!

Monster Success Stories!

September 24, 2010

People are finding jobs on every day, despite a challenging job market. It helps to have the right tools, a little know-how and some encouraging stories.

That’s where YOU come in. Monster Success Stories is an opportunity to celebrate your successes and share helpful tips for expanding your career using Monster. Think of it as a way to take your success and pay it forward.

To participate, submit video, photo or text of your success story or career tips – we’ll review your submission and will send you an email once it’s published.

As an added bonus, by submitting your success story, you will be entered in our Promotion for a chance to win fantastic prizes, including a laptop!

Be sure to review our ‘Submission Guidelines’ to get more information about what we’re looking for and how to create a great post, and don’t forget to share the wall with your friends!

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