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What Rights Do Temps Have?

What Rights Do Temps Have?

Eve Tahmincioglu | CareerDiva

August 03, 2010

“How this happened is that food is often left in conference rooms throughout the day and we also get served dinner in the evenings. I passed by this conference room and it had all the markings of left food. This salad was not in a small bowl but in a large bowl suited for many people. I served myself, left the room and returned to my desk.

Moments later, I was verbally accosted by two women, whom I assume was his assistants, and they told me how I should be ashamed that I took this food. Of course, I apologized profusely and sent an email to my department manager letting him know of the incident. He did not return my emai). Later that day, I went the the department admin letting her know of the incident and also to find out who the vice president was and the two assistants who humiliated me in front of my coworkers.

The next day, as I returned from lunch, I was met by HR, and two other individuals in the lobby of my building and they asked for my badge and was immediately escorted out of the building.”

The day before the salad tragedy, he had just gotten kudos for his work.

“I had a meeting with my manager and he stated that I was doing a great job and I was an asset to the organization.”

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