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High-Paying Jobs for English Majors

High-Paying Jobs for English Majors

Paul W. Barada |Monster Salary and Negotiation Expert

July 06, 2010

Real Estate

In real estate, salaries start at modest levels but can gradually build into a great income. The BLS reports that real estate brokers had a median salary of $57,500 in 2008, including commissions. People with all sorts of backgrounds end up in this field.


Hundreds of titles fall under the heading of “management” that don’t necessarily require a degree in management. Of course, there are literally millions of managers in the workforce, and salaries vary greatly depending on the industry; a fast-food restaurant manager may make in the mid-$20,000 range, while an HR manager may make in the $70,000 range.

Business and Finance

Careers in business and finance are also available to those with obscure liberal arts degrees, although you may face an uphill battle competing for jobs against those who have degrees in business, finance and economics. Nonetheless, it’s possible for a history major to land a job as a financial advisor, who earned median salaries of $69,050 in 2008, according to the BLS. Of course, you won’t start at that kind of salary, but you can get there over time.


People in sales can earn anywhere from less than $20,000 annually to well into six figures, which probably makes sales the most high-risk, high-reward pursuit. It probably holds the potential to be the most lucrative occupation for the liberal arts major who has the right skill set.

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