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6 Ways to Turn a Job Fair into a Job

6 Ways to Turn a Job Fair into a Job

Steve Berman | MonsterCollege

June 03, 2010

Tip No. 6: Finally, follow up!

Yes, we all know you’re wonderful. You have tons of skills, your new haircut really brings out your eyes, and the resumes you handed out were free from coffee stains.

Still, there’s no way the recruiters and/or hiring managers you spoke with will remember you. And even if they did, they want you to make the next move. After all, the employment landscape is littered with qualified candidates. It takes diligence and resourcefulness to land a position, even if it seems like you really hit it off with the company rep you spoke with at the job fair.

After you find out who the hiring manager is and how to contact that person, make sure you do so. And quickly. Don’t let more than a day go by without an email or phone call thanking him or her for the opportunity to get to know more about the positions available at their oh-so-wonderful place of business. And once again, provide your contact info and reiterate your desire to speak further about the position.

Don’t assume the person you spoke with has your resume at their fingertips. If they do, that’s great news, but they probably also have dozens — if not hundreds — of other resumes in a stack with yours. You need to jump through several hoops to get noticed during your job search. Attending a job fair and introducing yourself to several companies is a good first step. Following up afterward could be the key to getting the big break you deserve.

Follow these six tips to make the most of your time at a job fair. Even if you don’t walk away with an offer, you’ll have the industry information, networking experience, and relevant contacts to put you ahead of the competition.

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