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Are Grads Realistic About Finding Their First Jobs?

Nealeigh Mitchell | MonsterCollege

May 14, 2010

Lucky Few

While the majority of recent grads are still hunting down employment, a lucky few have been rewarded for all their hard work. One in five college grads say they have a full time gig lined up but employers weren’t knocking down their doors and the jobs aren’t as lucrative as they’d imagined. More than 50% say it took them four months to find the job. In taking the job, most had to settle for lesser pay. In fact, 40% say their starting salary was less than $25,000 — far less than the starting salary in 2009.

So is a college degree even worth it? The answer is yes yes yes! Despite the bleak numbers and overflowing job pool, college grads are in high spirits and remain optimistic about their futures. Most future grads (80%) believe they will have at least one job offer after earning their diploma and 39% are confident they’ll have the luxury of choosing from three or more. And if employers don’t come knocking, they’re determined to remain persistent and are willing to do everything they can to land an entry-level job out of college. That’s definitely good news.