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Are Grads Realistic About Finding Their First Jobs?

Nealeigh Mitchell | MonsterCollege

May 14, 2010

Summer Internship? Grad School?

Employers have long used internships and summer job opportunities as ways to build their candidate pool, and ultimately hire full time. As they plan to hire fewer entry-level positions, employers are putting a freeze on summer internship opportunities. Less than half (45%) of employers have a formal 2010 internship program, far fewer than in 2009. Summer work is drying up as well. Only 48% plan to hire summer-only positions for college students.

The Good News:

While only one third of college grads indicate they have a summer internship lined up (far below the 52% who had one in 2009), internships remain gateways for landing jobs and they are out there. Internships boost and applicant’s marketability. Even if it’s not highly relevant to the position they’re seeking, they should do it anyway. Communication skills, a strong work ethic, teamwork, and proven leadership abilities translate across many jobs. Additionally, the recession is forcing many students to seek alternatives to entering the crowded job market. Graduate school is an excellent opportunity to further your education and frog leap the competition with lesser degrees. Thirty-six percent of grads are considering returning to school full time in order to earn a higher degree and wait out the recession.

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