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Are Grads Realistic About Finding Their First Jobs?

Nealeigh Mitchell | MonsterCollege

May 14, 2010

A Major is Minor

While graduating with a 4.0 in 1900 Victorian History with a minor in Latin is impressive, grads may be hard-pressed to find a job in need of this expertise in today’s economy. A laundry list of awards and achievements, excellent grades, and recommendations is important, but thousands of recent grads pouring into the job pool tout the same accomplishments and studied similar majors. The best way to widen job prospects is to be flexible in the search. Grads should look outside their immediate major and let internships and volunteer work make up for any expertise they may lack. Employers are looking for well-rounded individuals with a wide range of experience.

The Good News:

While a whopping 96% of future grads say they intend to get a job related to their major, they seem to be more adaptive and open-minded in their search. Almost half of grads are willing to consider taking a job outside of their interest or education level. But not all grads will have to mull over an opportunity outside of their field. Certain sectors are hiring despite the economic slump. Retail, accounting, and information technology sectors are going strong. Business, engineering, and technical majors also remain in demand. Grads should see this opportunity to beef up their resumes with internships, externships and volunteering experiences. Don’t forget to draw a connection from these experiences to the positions applied for and highlight transferable skills.

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