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Meet MonsterCollege's $5000 Spring Giveaway winner!

Meet MonsterCollege's $5000 Spring Giveaway winner!


April 26, 2010

Congratulations to Chris Botelho for starting the Spring off right!

The Brown University freshmen is MonsterCollege’s $5000 Spring Giveaway winner!

Tell us about yourself: I’m currently Pre-Med with hopes of matriculating to medical school right after my undergraduate years here at Brown, and eventually becoming a pediatrician.  However, instead of majoring in Biology, Chemistry, or some other science as most Pre-Meds do, I plan on concentrating in South Asian Studies.  I’m really intrigued by the subject and I have a great passion for it.  With that, I plan on also spending some time studying abroad in India.

Why did you enter the contest? I entered the contest because paying for college is really expensive, and if I do end up going to medical school, it’ll be like going twice.  Therefore, any money that I can get, especially with ease as this sweepstakes, I will surely take.

What are you going to do with the money? With the money I’m going to pay for my tuition and reduce the amount of money that I have to take out in loans for school.  In 5 years, I hope to be in medical school working on my way to become a doctor.  If not, I hope to be somehow else involved in the medical field.

How has MonsterCollege been a valuable tool? MonsterCollege has given be some tips about résumés and interviews, as well as some information to other career fields and internship opportunities.

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