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Twitter is the New Tool for Job Seekers

Jessica Miller-Merrell | CAREEREALISM

March 29, 2010

Find Recruiters. I almost always suggest job seekers take an aggressive approach to their job search. Just as recruiters source and search for you, job seekers can seek out and connect with recruiters, human resource professionals, or hiring managers using social media search tools. Twitter directories are a great start, however there are more advanced tools like Follower Wonk and Twitter Search. Both these offer advanced search options allowing you to search by keyword and zip code. Follow Wonk provides advanced bio search options.

Building Relationships. Chris Brogan provided a crude, yet effective, example of social media networking and how to build relationships. He likened engaging someone and asking them for a sale, to buy their product, or a job to sticking your tongue down someone’s throat just after meeting them. Basically, don’t ask for the sale until you have an established relationship. Social media can be very surface and the relationship is the glue that holds your reputation and relationships together.

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