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Twitter is the New Tool for Job Seekers

Jessica Miller-Merrell | CAREEREALISM

March 29, 2010

Follow People. Following others and retweeting or reposting their tweets is a great way to begin to build a relationship. Use Twitter directories, which are essentially online yellow pages, to search for influencers in your target industry, location, or by keyword like Twellow, and We Follow. Here are 15 more great Twitter directory sites courtesy of Mashable.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Be found by making sure to include key words that are searched by recruiters and hiring managers in your Twitter bio. Consider words including industry specific software programs, certifications, and words that are repeatedly listed in job board advertisements. Recruiters use key words within your tweets and your bio to find you. Make it easy to be found including key words and a link to your blog or profile.

Hash Tags (#). Hash tags are used in Twitter as a way to sort and search by topic. Some common hash tags for job seekers including #jobs, #jobhuntchat, #jobsearch #jobadvice. Using your iGoogle account, set up an RSS feed of common key words and hash tags in Twitter Search. Setting up your RSS feed is a great time saving tip.

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