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15 Networking Mistakes You Can't Make

Zac Frank, Tania Khadder, and Alice Handley | InsideTech

March 26, 2010

Not Following-Up

You’ve gone to all that trouble to make the contact – why let it go to waste? You need to follow up after every meeting and job interview to reiterate your interest and to ensure you remain at the very front of his or her mind. Remember – people are busy. And you probably aren’t their number one priority. But they are your number one priority, right? Make sure they know it.

Don’t let two weeks to slip by before you get back in touch. Sending a thank you letter or email within 24 hours of your meeting will go a long way towards making a good impression and keeping you on their radar. And don’t be afraid to get back in touch within a couple of weeks if you still haven’t heard back. Persistence pays.