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Mac vs. PC: Which Works Best for You?

Mac vs. PC: Which Works Best for You?

Steve Berman | MonsterCollege

May 25, 2010

Mac vs. PC: Cost

Microsoft and the companies that build PC computers would like you to believe that PCs are the only choice for thrifty consumers, while Macs are for people with money to burn who look at computers as pretty little status symbols.

And for the most part, it’s true. If you walk into a retailer with less than a grand in your pocket, the only way you’re leaving with a computer is if you buy a PC. That doesn’t tell the entire story, though.

Microsoft once commissioned a report blasting a so-called “Apple tax” titled, “What Price Cool?” However, a more accurate way to represent the pricing differences between the two types of machines would be called something like, “What Price Convenient?”

While you can get a no-frills PC laptop with a 17-inch screen for a fraction of the price of even the least expensive computer Apple offers, Macs come bundled with a lot of additional features. Entry-level PCs are more like blank slates – you can pick and choose the options and features you want and leave off what you don’t. If you don’t add options though, you won’t be able to do much beyond emailing, surfing the web and creating basic documents (and that’s only until the trial periods on your PC’s office suite expire). Also, not everyone knows exactly what he or she will want or need in his or her computer before purchasing one.

Summary: The cost dilemma mostly depends on what you need from your computer. If the computer is used for graphics and design, there might be no other choice than to go with a Mac. If you’re simply handling routine office tasks (email, spreadsheets, document-creation), then a PC is probably your cheapest bet.

Tasked with choosing computers for a traditional office environment? If you’re looking strictly at the bottom line, PCs make more sense since they’re usually cheaper and offer more support options. Even so, if someone on your design team says they need a Mac, they’re probably right.

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