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10 Completely False College Myths

10 Completely False College Myths

These rumors are about as real as a mythical creature, like the above unicorn. Note: The unicorn pictured above is not real.

Elizabeth Hoyt

July 25, 2013

Whether you believe them or not, these myths are always lurking around the corners of college discussions.

Academically-focused or regarding the college experience, these falsehoods detract students from great opportunities every day. It’s time to stop the lies and start getting real.

We’d like to put some of these rumors to rest so that you can sleep soundly in knowing the truth. Check out these ten completely false college myths:

1. Most Students Graduate in Four Years

More than 58 percent of college students take six years or more to graduate. Now that’s what you call the majority!

2. Majors Set Your Future

Most college students have no clue what they want to do with their lives, which is OK because college is the time to explore your interests. Most likely, you’ll end up with a job that doesn’t fall under your designated major. Your major is, however, more likely to determine your career path if it’s in a math or science field.

3. The “College Experience” is a Rite of Passage

Many students forgo the on-campus college experience for a variety of reasons, whether it’s cost, family-related or a personal decision. These students actually do move on to become fully functioning, normal adults.

4. Cost and Value are the Same

Just because a college costs more doesn’t mean that it’s a better school. There are so many factors that go into the cost of a school – including aspects other than academics. So make sure you don’t equate expensive with academics.

5. Community College Is Lesser than Traditional College

The degree earned is what matters, not the school it was earned at. In the end, as long as a student earns a degree at a legitimate college or university, no degree is “better” than another.

6. American Schools are the Best

Believe it or not, it just isn’t so. Actually, American schools are ranked 14th in the world in the percentage of young adults (25-34 year olds) with higher education. This equates to 42 percent.

The kicker? Most schools in other countries cost less, too.

7. Teachers are Smarter than Students

With technology being an ever-changing field, it’s difficult for faculty to keep up with the Jobs’. It fairly impossible to keep up with it all and, no matter what, there will always be someone brighter coming along in the future.

8. Private Colleges are More Challenging than Public

Some of the most prestigious and challenging universities are public institutions. Students should determine a school’s value by what they get out of it, not be its exclusivity.

9. There Isn’t a Lot of Help Available to Pay for School

Well, this simply isn’t true and Fastweb proves it on a daily basis! There are millions of scholarships available for all types of students, as well as financial aid availability.

Many assume these are just available for the top percentile of students, however, that just isn’t the truth!

10. All Great Colleges are Well-Known

There are so many great colleges and universities in the world that it’s unlikely you’ve heard of all of them. In fact, you may not hear about some of these fine institutions until you’re well into adulthood.

We know you’re brilliant but, sorry, just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t great.

Can you think of any other college myths you’d like to debunk?