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Money Tips from Alice in Wonderland

Money Tips from Alice in Wonderland

Robin Applegarth | Divine Caroline

July 09, 2010

7. Avoid the mad queen and the clutches of debt. No tour of Wonderland is complete without visiting the Red Queen. While most queens are benevolent, this one is a harpy. Her frequent command is “Off with their heads!” Her subjects cower before her harsh edicts. The Queen presents one of the main obstacles on Alice’s journey. She could easily represent domination by debt—an uneasy life indeed.

Our current-year Allison is taking steps to build financial security, so she can avoid the clutches of debt. She’s learned that credit cards have to be used sparingly, and paid off each month, or they can bite. She saves regularly, has a comfort-cash fund for emergencies, and learns something new about personal finance monthly. She’s discovered that the journey to financial freedom begins with small steps, taken repeatedly.

Alice in Wonderland is an allegory of being a stranger in a strange land. It’s about questioning who you can trust, and how to find your way “home”—to that place where you can live your ideal life.

What steps will you take today toward that goal?

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