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8 Offbeat College Majors

8 Offbeat College Majors

Allison Ford | Divine Caroline

June 07, 2010

The Useless

Family Resource Management Studies
If your college goal is simply to get your MRS degree, then this major may be for you. Programs such as the one at Ohio State University teach students basic nutrition, consumer studies, how to allocate a family budget, and other household skills. Sample classes include Parenting, Consumer Problems, and Family Development. Anyone with a graduate degree in the field can go on to be a home-economics or early-childhood teacher, but most stay-at-home moms do those things without a degree that cost $22,000 per year.

Retail Floristry
People who really, really like flowers have found their calling. At Mission College in Santa Clara, California, students in the retail floristry program learn all the ins and outs of working in a flower shop. They take courses called Plant Identification and Intermediate Floral Design, plus electives like Holiday Flower Arranging, Ikebana/Oriental Style, and Advanced Silk Flowers. If your goal is to work the register at a flower shop, something tells me they’ll consider you even without the certificate.

Bowling Industry Management
To make a career out of renting shoes and resetting pins, get your bachelor’s degree in bowling industry management, offered by Indiana’s Vincennes University. Students learn about cutting-edge bowling technologies, along with how to manage a pro shop and promote league development. The university features an eighteen-lane “learning laboratory” (read: bowling alley) for students to practice in.

Adventure Education
Vermont has always been known to attract its share of outdoorsy types, but students at Green Mountain College can actually turn their interests in hiking, biking, camping, rafting, and other activities into a bachelor’s degree. Students in the adventure education program learn a variety of outdoor activities, as well as emergency medical training, survival skills, and the foundations of running an adventure-based business. They can become scuba divemasters or master kayakers by taking such courses as Essential of Paddling or Foundations of Adventure. Ideally, the degree prepares students to start their own business or work as a guide, but it wouldn’t be surprising if many graduates didn’t simply end up rock climbing around Europe for a few years after school.

A college degree is what you make of it—sometimes premed majors end up working at Starbucks, and some journalism students end up running investment banks. Most people agree that no matter what major a person chooses for college, the life experience gained during those years is what’s really valuable. That’s my opinion, anyway, but then again, my degree is in theater.

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