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7 Office Offenders (And How To Regulate)

Nealeigh Mitchell l Excelle

March 15, 2010

The Loner

Me, myself and I

The Culprit: Leave him to his cubical, he’s a machine. Drag him to a meeting, he’s a blubbering fool. He thinks brainstorming sessions and meetings are a colossal waste of time. It take force for the office Scrooge to crack a smile or issue a compliment to a fellow employee. He’s got no sense of humor, never shows appreciation and frowns upon office camaraderie. He’s happiest when he’s banished to his desk with an impossible task. He’s meticulous in his work and bristles over negative feedback.

The Cure: Likability is a key component of office productivity. Take pains in making him more of a people person. Assign him to work in teams. Make him mentor a younger staffer. He’ll be able to flex his muscle while remaining open to suggestions.

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