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7 Office Offenders (And How To Regulate)

Nealeigh Mitchell l Excelle

March 15, 2010

The Newbie

Bright-eyed and green

The Culprit: She’s eager, energetic and…. wet behind the ears. An Ivy League education didn’t prepare her for the snake pit and she’s slow on the uptake. Even though she’s clueless to the corporate world, she’s certain her brave face will fool the flock. To seem capable, she takes charge at meetings and is always the first out of the blocks. However, her competence is a ruse, as she’s constantly asking for your opinion, knocking on your door for help, and teetering on decisions. On top of that, she’s a loose cannon and either erupts or wilts at the first sign of stress. And how do you not know the difference between Reply and Reply All at this stage of the game?

The Cure: Encourage self reliance. Don’t be there to coddle or answer questions at her every whim. Reiterate that fact that she’s expected to shoulder certain responsibilities and show initiative. Repeat your expectations and then push her out on her own. She’s got to sink or swim in corporate waters. And of course, advise her to stay mum at meetings and triple check her work. Spell check is her friend.

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