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7 Office Offenders (And How To Regulate)

Nealeigh Mitchell l Excelle

March 15, 2010

The Workaholic

All hail the office martyr

The Culprit: He lives to work and works to live. Unlike the Phenom, he clocks in before dawn, eats lunch hunched at his desk and boasts a healthy 60-hour work week. He never fails to remind others of his sacrifice and his unfaltering dedication to his work. Always looking to one-up other employees, he readily plays the blame game when things look grim. He carps about archaic or inefficient processes and procedures but rarely recommends a fix to the problems. He criticizes other team members for incompetence and then wonders why he rarely gets support. His exaggerated self-worth is demolishing team morale.

The Cure: It may seem you’re stuck between a rock and hard place. He gets an E for Effort but a W for Whining. You can’t chop him because he’s a valuable asset who’s bent set on getting the job done right. However, his toxic tongue and hostile conduct is causing a rift within the team. Try assigning him to solo projects that don’t require outside interference. Stop inviting him to meetings if he can’t stay silent. Demand he deliver constructive criticism. Stop the infection from spreading by limiting the time he has alone with team members.

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