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20 Easy Ways to Be Happier

Tania Khadder & Kayla Baxter

March 10, 2010

17) Invigorate Your Senses
A quick spray of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary or lemon can clear your head quicker than you think.  For an extra-calming treat, take a nap on a pillow scented with lavender – either in fabric spray form, or crumble some of the plant itself and put it in your pillowcase.

18) Visit a Quiet Place
Libraries, museums, gardens, and other quiet places can give you a break from the frantic pace of everyday life.  Find a secret spot and make it your sanctuary, whether it’s in your backyard or the Reference section.

19) Forgive Someone
Research shows that those who are able to forgive are less stressed, less angry and more optimistic than those who aren’t. So, if you’re holding onto old grudges for the sake of it, it might just be time to let go.

20) Spend More Time with Your Happy Friends
Misery loves company. Too often, we find ourselves surrounded by soul-crushing negativity.  The good news? Happiness really is contagious. Research shows that happiness, even when removed by three degrees, can make you happier than an extra $5000.  Focus on spending time with the optimistic people in your life and you might just become one of them.

What little things do you do that make you happier?
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