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13 Types of Bosses and How to Make Them Love You

13 Types of Bosses and How to Make Them Love You

Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter | WomenCo.

August 14, 2009

The Number Cruncher

Distinguishing characteristics: Incredible Excel skills, a calculator watch

What they do: The Number Cruncher’s best quality is her ability to break things down into measurable statistics — and sometimes, that means the actual employees, too. The Number Cruncher can only read math, and if your performance appears to be declining on paper rest assured you will get a lecture, even if you’ve been working as hard as you can. Ever feel like you are “just a number?” We’re here to confirm that you definitely are.

How to make her love you: Give her something she can understand: Numbers. Track your successes (and your failures) with painstaking detail and fanatical devotion. Even if it’s a chore in the immediate future, your data mining will pay off and you will have something on paper that proves you’ve been working hard, even if your efforts haven’t been working. Who knows, her approach might teach you something!

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