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10 Excel Secrets Everyone Should Know

SalesHQ and Richard Rinyai

August 18, 2009

3. Import Data from a Web Page

Your manager comes up to you and asks you to open a web page. You see that there is quite a large amount of data on this particular page, looking like a spreadsheet. The manager then asks you to add this information onto an existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and for you to manipulate the data so that it flows with the original file.

Oh, one more thing, the manager asks you to do this right away, as they need it for a meeting in one hour.

Ok, don’t panic. There is a very simple method of adding data directly from the web page onto a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

1. Click File, Open.

2. Type in the web address of where the data is located, including the http://.

3. Make sure to use Web Pages and Web Archives (*.htm; *.html; *mht; *mhtml) in the Files of Type section below where you’ve entered the web address.

4. Click Open.

As you can see, the entire web page imports directly into Microsoft Excel. You can now remove any useless information and have all of the data copied and pasted directly into your original spreadsheet.