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Factors to Consider in Evaluating a Job Offer

Factors to Consider in Evaluating a Job Offer

August 13, 2009

Many career professionals suggest that after the interview you review what you learned about the position and the company.

The Position

  • Why is it available?
  • How long has it been open?
  • What happened to the previous employee?
  • What would your specific responsibilities be?
  • Are the goals set for the position realistic and attainable?
  • Can you successfully perform the responsibilities of the position?
  • What is your growth potential in this position?
  • Can this position provide bridges to future opportunities?

The Company

  • Is the company growing or downsizing?
  • Is the company a result of an acquisition or a planned expansion?
  • Has this growth affected its profitability? How will it affect you and your position?
  • What is the growth potential of the company’s products and/or markets?
  • What is the company’s market share?
  • Who are its competitors?
  • What is the tenure of its management?
  • Does the management team consist of new hires or people promoted from within?
  • Does the company have a high retention rate of employees, or do they have a problem with attrition?

Your Potential Supervisor

  • How long has he/she been in this position?
  • To whom does he/she report?
  • What was his/her previous work experience?
  • How does this relate to his/her background?
  • What is his/her growth potential?
  • Do you think you can work well with this person?

The Career Center suggests you also evaluate the following:

  • How does the position fit into your long- and short-term career goals?
  • Do the daily work activities appeal to you?
  • Are your salary and benefit requirements satisfied?
  • Is there opportunity for advancement?
  • Will you be developing new skills and expanding your experience?
  • Are the demands of the job compatible with your lifestyle?
  • Can you manage the stress associated with changing jobs/relocating?
  • Are the values of the organization compatible with your own?
  • Is this employment opportunity a mutually beneficial relationship?