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Entry-Level Office Life 101: Dos and Don'ts at Work

Entry-Level Office Life 101: Dos and Don'ts at Work

December 14, 2009

DO set boundaries as to how you use various social networks (e.g. Facebook for personal, LinkedIn for professional) and make sure you communicate those boundaries so that feelings aren’t hurt.

DON’T let your boss and co-workers catch you chatting and playing with Facebook applications when you should be working.

DO use your real name on Twitter to network with people you wouldn’t have the chance to communicate with in real life.

DO send them valuable information or interesting tidbits about their field.

DON’T get caught up in the heat of the moment. Before you post something on Twitter, think about whether you’d want to read it on the front page of the WSJ.

DO pursue friendships in other departments and with friends of your co-workers.

DON’T ever date a boss or a direct report.

DON’T date an immediate co-worker unless you can handle seeing that person every day if the relationship goes south.

DO reply to all only if every person on the string really needs to hear what you’re saying.

DO check (always) the list of people in the TO and CC lines before sending any e-mail.

DON’T hit reply too quickly in case that Reply to All function is accidentally on.

DON’T use e-mail for negative or controversial discussion.

DO deal with loud talkers by saying nicely that you’re on the phone with a client and ask if they would mind keeping it down a bit.

DON’T allow your desire to avoid confrontation affect your work effectiveness.

DO get negative emotions off your chest by venting to a close friend or family member.

DON’T complain at work at all. People won’t like you.

DO think of ways to turn a bad situation into a more positive one and approach your boss and co-workers with solutions instead of problems.

DO have fun at Happy Hour, but keep it to a one or two drink minimum.

DON’T drink at lunch or during daytime business meetings.

DON’T get drunk with co-workers even in evening, social settings. You’ll end up saying or doing something you regret.