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Entry-Level Business Etiquette 101

Entry-Level Business Etiquette 101

Susan Bryant | Monster Contributing Writer

October 22, 2009

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be a lifesaver for many professionals. Unfortunately, if you are using a cell phone, you are most likely outside your office and may be preoccupied with driving, catching a flight or some other activity.

Be sensitive to the fact that your listener may not be interested in a play-by-play of traffic or the other events you are experiencing during your call.

Even if you have impeccable social graces, you will inevitably have a professional blunder at some point. When this happens, Klinkenberg offers this advice: Apologize sincerely without gushing or being too effusive. State your apology like you mean it, and then move on.

Making too big an issue of your mistake only magnifies the damage and makes the recipient more uncomfortable.

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