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What Should I NEVER Wear to My Entry-Level Job?

Kayla Baxter, Anna Hennings, and Alice Handley

October 06, 2009

Velour/Juicy Tracksuits

Why not?

They may seem like they’re fancy, but a big price tag does not a sophisticated garment make. Velour, sadly, is just not a workplace-approved fabric. Doesn’t it just scream out “a trip to the mall” to you? Well, that’s what it’s saying to your coworkers and, more importantly, your patients. This goes double for embellished tracksuits.

Try me instead:

Like our advice for people who want to wear their sweatpants, here we’re going to suggest your comfiest khakis or softest cotton skirt. On top, a fluffy and oh-so-soft sweater can keep you just as happy as a hoodie.

The Exception

Juicy Couture saleswomen

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