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What Should I NEVER Wear to My Entry-Level Job?

Kayla Baxter, Anna Hennings, and Alice Handley

October 06, 2009

Footless Leggings and Spandex/Yoga Pants

Why not?

Leggings and spandex pants are in the perfect shape for your next yoga or Pilates class, not for greeting patients in the front office or scheduling appointments. No one can see what you’re wearing over the phone, but that’s our point: They’re never appropriate at a professional office, not as a layer under a skirt and especially not worn alone as pants.

What’s worse? Extremely bold-hued leggings, leggings with zipped hems or the worst — a combination of the two.

Try me instead:

Tights – both opaque and sheer – are perfectly acceptable for the office and provide the same coverage as leggings but with a polished look.

The Exception

Acrobats, professional wrestlers

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