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What Should I NEVER Wear to My Entry-Level Job?

Kayla Baxter, Anna Hennings, and Alice Handley

October 06, 2009

Fanny Packs

Why not?

The fanny pack went out of style way back in the 80s, taking side ponytails and neon brights along with them. Sporting a fanny pack in a professional environment shows you have no idea what’s in fashion – whether you consider yourself style savvy or not – while also giving your look a big case of the casuals. You’re not on vacation in 1983, so lose that vinyl fanny pack! Besides, how many things do you need to carry with you while you’re treating patients or taking x-rays?

Try me instead:

Just about any handbag, clutch, satchel, tote, even a briefcase, will do the exact same thing as a fanny pack: Hold your essentials.

The Exception

If you’re Hulk Hogan and your muscles make it impossible to put anything over your shoulder, this look is appropriate. Otherwise, never.

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