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The 25 Types of Entry-Level Coworkers

Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter

October 06, 2009

Congratulations, your entry-level resume landed you an entry-level job or an internship. You’ve successfully navigated the entry level cover letter and resume process and now you have a whole new set of things to learn about thriving in a professional setting. Welcome to Hired 101, where the MonsterCollege team provides you with tips and tricks for navigating the workplace. The first thing you’ll learn when you start your new job is that you are not alone. You work with people, lots of types of people. They could be nagging you daily or haunting your dreams at night. That’s right, the people you work with have the power to influence, annoy, inspire, and scare the living daylights out of you if you don’t know how to navigate these entry-level job waters. Since you’re stuck with them 40 hours a week (at least!) you might as well understand them. We’ve come up with a field guide to the most common species of coworkers, no matter where you work. These types transcend every type of workplace — we guarantee you’ll find a few you recognize.

We’ve come up with a guide to the 25 varieties of coworkers you’ll probably run into in any office and how to maintain your sanity around them in this crazy working world. —>>